Dance Classes

TAPS Dance Studio offers a variety of classes for children and adults… All grade-school aged classes are combination classes.

Combination class is a one hour lesson where your child will get instruction in Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. We will not get to all the art forms in one lesson; however, throughout the month we will cover each one.

Children enrolled in combination classes will perform one routine plus a piece in the Finale. Some years the Finale incorporates a mini musical and many times will consist of some children singing as well as dancing. By having the combination classes perform only one routine in the recital allows our recitals to be a one night, 2-hour performance. Each year we will choose which art form your child’s class will show at the recital and we try to alternate it so after 3 or 4 years they will have done a variety.

Combination dance classes are very popular this day and age…it enables families to save time in their busy schedules, not to mention all the money that will be saved! Amy prides herself in promoting age-appropriate moves, choreographed to music with clean lyrics and modest costuming choices!